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Sept 18-25 is National Dog Week, the 88th anniversary of the event originally founded in 1928 by decorated WWI veteran Capt. Will Judy.

Here at LFP, we’re celebrating by discounting every ebook in the Doodlebugged Mystery Series. We have never before had every title on sale at the same time! For this week only, Bed-Bugged, Out-Sniffed, and Dog-Nabbed will be on sale for only $0.99. And we’re offering a 30% discount on Bad-Mouthed.

So click on the links to the right to find the books at your favorite retailer, and see why readers have fallen in love with Doodle.

Sale ends Sept 26.


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Valentine’s Day Sale

The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers!


Here’s a chance to get Bed-Bugged, the acclaimed first book in the Doodlebugged Mystery series for only $0.99 AND have a shot at winning a $200 gift certificate from Amazon.com. The Kindle Book Review is offering four $200 gift certificates in their Valentine’s Day Giveaway.

KBR Valentine Sale

Just CLICK ON THIS LINK, then select any book. We hope you pick Bed-Bugged, of course, but you can pick any title or titles that appeal to you. You don’t have to be limited to one. Follow the instructions to enter the Giveaway.

And, no purchase necessary to enter.



But, for only $0.99,  you can treat yourself or someone you love, or even someone you vaguely like to a laugh-out-loud, charming book that bestselling author Virginia Smith calls “a first-rate mystery” and “a triumphant beginning of a series.”

Less fattening than candy and much cheaper. Think about it: for the less than the price of a box of chocolates, you could buy the whole series (so far.) 

That’s what Doodle would call a win-win situation!

Contest runs Feb 8-22.



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Doodle Does Black Friday

Now, through Nov 25, you can enter to win a $500 shopping spree on Amazon.com, sponsored by Kindle Daily Review. Just click HERE then scroll down the list of book covers and click one that looks interesting. (May we suggest Bed-Bugged, on sale for only $0.99 during the promotion?) Then follow the instructions at the bottom of the Kindle Book Review page to enter the contest.

That’s it.

Good luck and happy browsing!

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Double-Duty Doodle

When is a middlegrade mystery also a gentle cozy mystery, perfect for dog lovers of all ages?

When it features the sometimes sly, often hilarious narration of Doodle, the obedience-impaired labradoodle and his adventures with ten-year-old Molly.

Not sure what we mean? See what Amazon.com readers recently have said about the books:

Eric GB gives 5 stars to Bad-Mouthed, the fourth book in the series, and writes:Bad-Mouthed

“A great mystery written from a dog’s view. You would think a story like this would come across as simple, with a superficial writing style meant just for kids. NOT AT ALL! This story is so well written, that would be easily read by younger readers, but entertaining for adults as well. This is the second book that I have read in the series and I am sure that I will read them all after finding this one just as good as the first. This book is perfect for dog lovers of any age, and those looking for elements of mystery. A warning to readers: plan on reading this book all at once because you will not be able to put it down once you start! Great story, funny angles from the dog’s view, well written, and easy to read. Just a really good book.”

GrammarKat calls the first book, Bed-Bugged, “A dog lover’s delight,” and writes in her 5-star review:Bed-Bugged, “There is enough adventure and excitement here for even a die hard suspense fan.”

And Piratesorka writes about Bed-Bugged, “Fun read through a dog’s perspective! Don’t expect this book to be a “cutesy doggie” story instead you will get a well written, engaging story told through the eyes of the dog, with the dogs interests at heart not the humans.”


Suspense author Susan Holmes says her review of Out-Sniffed, “I’m a Doodle fan! A lively, engaging read with great characters and a solid story line. Molly is clever, quick-witted, and passionate about helping others, and Doodle is quite possibly the most entertaining narrator I’ve found in quite some time.”

Mary Jo Rabe posts that, “Out-Sniffed,” the marvelous successor to Susan J. Kroupa’s “Bed-Bugged”, is warmhearted and funny but never superficial . . .So, I recommend this book highly to anyone who is aged 9-12, who knows someone aged 9-12, who likes dogs, or who might enjoy spending some time in the mind of a brilliant labradoodle who remains tolerant of human foibles.”DN_800X533_

“It’s real life, with drama and a ton of humor that will keep you laughing,” writes Linda Elliott about Dog-Nabbed, the third book of the series, “I believe, I will be reading this to my great grand daughter in a few years, it’s that good.”

So if you’re looking for some great holiday gifts or fun reads for the whole family, check out the Doodlebugged Mysteries, available in both paperback and ebook formats.

And through November 15, you can get Bad-Mouthed for only $0.99–75% off the usual retail price.

We have more specials coming up for the holiday season, so check back here frequently or, better yet, follow this blog  so you don’t miss out.

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Doodle Does Christmas

Bad-Mouthed Final Front Flat InsertWho knew chasing a rat in the middle of a Christmas pageant could cause so much trouble? Certainly not Doodle, the obedience-impaired labradoodle who works for the “boss,” Josh Hunter of Hunter Bed Bug Detection, nor Molly, the boss’s ten-year-old daughter. But then Doodle is the first to admit he doesn’t quite get Christmas.

Doodle’s antics during the pageant draw the attention of a popular video-blogger, who asks to do a feature on his sniffer-dog skills. But when the blog airs, pretty much the opposite of what Molly and the boss expected, the boss’s phone rings off the hook with distraught customers who think Doodle’s bed bug “finds” can’t be trusted.  Molly, searching for a way to set things right, befriends the blogger’s son, a boy alienated from his mother who wants only to go live with his father.

Throw in a handful of threatening letters, some lost dogs, and a devastating fire, and Molly and Doodle have their hands—well, in Doodle’s case, his paws—full finding out just who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

A charming cozy for all seasons and for dog lovers of all ages.

Available now on Amazon ◊ Barnes & Noble ◊ iTunes ◊ Kobo

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Sniff Out This Sale!

IMG_2095posterizedGet  Out-Sniffed, the second Doodlebugged mystery, in most ebook formats for only $1.99.  Sale only lasts through September 15.

Doodle’s nose goes on trial in OUT-SNIFFED, the second Doodlebugged mystery, when he falsely alerts on the wrong vial during a certification test. He knows “the nose never lies”, but how can he and Molly prove it?





OUT-SNIFFED: “. .warmhearted and funny but never superficial. . . I haven’t met a fictional character in a long time that I enjoyed melding my mind with as much as Doodle.“—Mary Jo Rabe, Amazon.com

AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo iTunes


Never want to miss out when the Doodlebugged mysteries go on sale? Follow this blog using the button on the left.


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Some Things to Bark About!


Today is National Dog Day! Give your dog a hug, or better yet, a walk,  and treat yourself to the Doodlebugged mysteries, on sale today for only $.99!


Woof! Woof!

Coming soon! BAD-MOUTHED, the fourth Doodlebugged mystery. An unscrupulous journalist, a lonely boy, and a ruthless developer come together in a mix that takes Molly’s ingenuity and Doodle’s nose to sort out.

Be the first to hear when BAD-MOUTHED is released by following this blog using the button on the left.


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