Bed-Bugged Goes to Paper!

Here at LFP, although we specialize in ebooks, we love books in every shape and format. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the trade paperback version of Bed-Bugged, the first of the “Doodlebugged” mysteries. For those of you who don’t know what “trade paperback” means (in other words, everyone except librarians and book publishers),  a trade paperback has the size and quality of a hardback, but with a soft cover.

You can order your copy of Bed-Bugged from Amazon.

Bed-BuggedAsk Doodle why he flunked out of service-dog school and he’ll tell you: smart and obedient don’t always go hand in hand. Now he has a new job finding bed bugs for Josh Hunter Bed Bug Detection. But when Molly, the boss’s ten-year old daughter, enlists Doodle to help find her mother, Doodle’s nose and Molly’s camera lead them straight to danger.

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