Valentine’s Day Sale

The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers!


Here’s a chance to get Bed-Bugged, the acclaimed first book in the Doodlebugged Mystery series for only $0.99 AND have a shot at winning a $200 gift certificate from The Kindle Book Review is offering four $200 gift certificates in their Valentine’s Day Giveaway.

KBR Valentine Sale

Just CLICK ON THIS LINK, then select any book. We hope you pick Bed-Bugged, of course, but you can pick any title or titles that appeal to you. You don’t have to be limited to one. Follow the instructions to enter the Giveaway.

And, no purchase necessary to enter.



But, for only $0.99,  you can treat yourself or someone you love, or even someone you vaguely like to a laugh-out-loud, charming book that bestselling author Virginia Smith calls “a first-rate mystery” and “a triumphant beginning of a series.”

Less fattening than candy and much cheaper. Think about it: for the less than the price of a box of chocolates, you could buy the whole series (so far.) 

That’s what Doodle would call a win-win situation!

Contest runs Feb 8-22.



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