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Making a List. . .

. . . of Susan J. Kroupa’s acclaimed Christmas stories,  available at all the major ebook outlets. First up is Gabriel & Mr. Death, a haunting,  lyrical story about life, love, and miracles, narrated in the Appalachian voice of Gabriel, a black and tan coonhound. Here are what some readers have written about Gabriel:

GAMD 800“I sighed. I smiled. I wanted Gabriel the Hound to come live with me. A wonderful story at any time of year, but so perfect for Christmas time.”—Falcon Ridge Publishing

“It gave me goosebumps and a lump in the throat all at the same time.” –Mary Ann Whitley

“It made me laugh, cry, and once again realize what a great gift a pet can be.”–Elaine Farley

“Grab a tissue before the last few pages, because Susan Kroupa is skilled at touching emotions with her words.”—Virginia Smith

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, itunes, & Smashwords.


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Lazy, Hazy Days

Or, Catching Up

We haven’t posted much lately for a variety of reasons: a slight restructuring of the company, staff vacations, and a touch of general sloth. But we’ve been busy as beavers–or should we say retrievers?–behind the scenes, getting ready for the October release of Dog-Nabbed, the third book in the Doodlebugged Mystery series by Susan J. Kroupa.  Here’s a sneak preview of one of the rough-draft images taken by Joseph Kroupa, a photographer and  frequent consultant here at LFP.  This, or one very much like it, will probably end up on the cover.  Yep, that’s right. Poor Doodle ends up behind bars.Bed-bugged 3 - proof of concept

And, speaking of Susan Kroupa, we’d be remiss if we didn’t congratulate her on her book signing in May at North by Northwest Books & Antiques in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Sheldon McArthur  North by Northwest Books & Antiques

Sheldon McArthur, owner of North by Northwest Books & Antiques

By all accounts, she had a wonderful time signing books and eating Shelly’s to-die-for cookies. Or should we say eating Shelly’s cookies and also signing books? 🙂

Either way,  we’re always happy to get the Doodlebugged Mysteries into the hands of new readers.

Susan Kroupa signing books at North by Northwest Books

Susan Kroupa signing books at North by Northwest Books

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GroundDOG Day Celebration!

OS FInal2 1600We’re particularly fond of Groundhog Day here at LFP because we have offices on Groundhog Mountain Road. And what better way to celebrate than with the paperback publication of Out-Sniffed, the further adventures of Molly and Doodle?

In addition, we’re offering 50% off of the ebook version of Bed-Bugged,  the first book in the Doodlebugged series. Go to Smashwords and use the coupon XQ87Y to get the book on Kindle, Nook, or in a wide variety of formats.Bed-Bugged

So, Groundhog Day goes to the dogs, or at least to Doodle, our favorite labradoodle.  Which sort of makes it GroundDOG day, doesn’t it?

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Bed-Bugged Goes to Paper!

Here at LFP, although we specialize in ebooks, we love books in every shape and format. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the trade paperback version of Bed-Bugged, the first of the “Doodlebugged” mysteries. For those of you who don’t know what “trade paperback” means (in other words, everyone except librarians and book publishers),  a trade paperback has the size and quality of a hardback, but with a soft cover.

You can order your copy of Bed-Bugged from Amazon.

Bed-BuggedAsk Doodle why he flunked out of service-dog school and he’ll tell you: smart and obedient don’t always go hand in hand. Now he has a new job finding bed bugs for Josh Hunter Bed Bug Detection. But when Molly, the boss’s ten-year old daughter, enlists Doodle to help find her mother, Doodle’s nose and Molly’s camera lead them straight to danger.

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Molly and Doodle Return!

LFP proudly announces the ebook publication of Out-Sniffed, the sequel to Bed-Bugged, featuring the further adventures of Molly and Doodle.Bed-Bugged

A Nose for Trouble

A Nose for Trouble

In his second outing, Doodle, that incorrigible but good-hearted labradoodle, still works as a bed bug dog for the boss, Josh Hunter of Hunter Bed Bug Detection.

Doodle likes to keep his relations with humans on a business basis. Do the job, get paid—in his case, with treats. So far so good, except when it comes to Molly, the boss’s ten year-old daughter. Somehow, Doodle wants to please her even when she doesn’t have treats. He can’t explain it, but that’s how it is.

His nose gets put to the test when Molly starts training him to find something very different from bed bugs in order to clear her best friend’s brother from drug charges. But then, during a practice for an important certification trial—one which will get the boss more “big time” jobs—Doodle fails to find two vials containing bed bugs. The boss worries that Molly’s training has ruined Doodle’s ability to do his job. Or that maybe he’s losing his sense of smell.

 It takes all of Molly’s ingenuity and Doodle’s keen intelligence to sniff out the real villains and set things right again.

Available on Kindle and coming soon on Nook and Smashwords.

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The Hopi Stories

LFP is proud to announce the publication of Scapegoat, the first of several award-winning stories by Susan J. Kroupa set in Hopi Indian culture.

Kroupa lived and taught on the Hopi and Navajo reservations and studied Hopi language and history. During that time, she wrote freelance features for the Arizona Republic, High Country News, and American Forests on Hopi and environmental issues. In addition, she taped interviews with Hopi elders recounting some of the history and traditions of the people. Praised for their lyrical description of Hopi culture, compelling characters, and poignant storylines,  these works offer a moving tribute to the enduring power of the human spirit.

Scapegoat. FINAL1600A boy. A quest. A terrible sacrifice

Nine-year old Tiyo, the last member of the rainmaker clan in his village, has no memory of the great war, but he sees the aftermath in thirsty, drought-stricken land. Just as he used to see it etched on the face of his mother, before her strength slipped away like water soaking into sand. Devastated by her death, Tiyo now tends his uncle’s goat herd. When a doe gives birth to pure white kid, Tiyo cares for her and names her Nuva—Snow. Soon, Tiyo and Nuva are inseparable. But the drought worsens and the village chief tells Tiyo only one hope remains. A member of the rainmaker clan must fill a gourd from the sipapuni, the sacred pool where the world began, and beg Paloloqang, the water serpent to send rain. A dangerous quest in the best of times, but Tiyo can’t refuse to go when his people face starvation. And so, Tiyo and Nuva cross the great desert to the sacred pool, only to find it leads them into greater danger, to a valley of death, where Renegades, who prey on human flesh, guard the water. With the burden of his villagers’ fate resting upon him, Tiyo must find a way to fill the gourd. But will the cost be more than he can bear?

Originally published  in Realms of Fantasy, Scapegoat tells a powerful coming of age story in a post-apocalyptic setting rich with insight into Hopi Indian culture and mythology.

Available on Kindle, Nook, and in all formats on Smashwords.

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News and Reviews!

The Marriage Game

LFP is happy to annouce that “The Marriage Game,” originally published in Realms of Fantasy, is now available in ebook format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

The Marriage Game by Susan J. Kroupa," ,"

Sex and chocolate. That’s what Eva and her friend miss most since “passing to the other side,” a phrase that makes them feel more like gas than ghosts. They amuse themselves by playing The Game, competing to influence the behavior of the Flesh and Bloods. But when the game takes an unexpected turn, even they wonder if winning will be worth the price.

“Warm and charming” –Lois Tilton, Internet Review of Science Fiction

 Good Reviews for Bed-Bugged

Mystery writer Sara Hoskinson Frommer recently wrote this blurb for Bed-Bugged:

Bed-Bugged is a romp of a mystery and Doodle the kind of dog any kid would want to romp with. Smart, with a mind of his own but on your side, for sure. Even as an old woman, I loved this story and hope to find Doodle sniffing out more than bed bugs soon.

“A thoroughly entertaining read“–AuntB “B”

“A a great book for anyone who loves dogs” —TheHann

“I couldn’t help falling in love with Doodle and his owner’s daughter, Molly.
But in a way, I most loved watching a story from the low-down, smell-based point of view of a working dog. For me, a mystery reader and writer, it opened my mind to many new ways of observing a crime and its solution. ” —Gerald Weinberg

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