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LFP Goes To The Dogs



Sept 18-25 is National Dog Week, the 88th anniversary of the event originally founded in 1928 by decorated WWI veteran Capt. Will Judy.

Here at LFP, we’re celebrating by discounting every ebook in the Doodlebugged Mystery Series. We have never before had every title on sale at the same time! For this week only, Bed-Bugged, Out-Sniffed, and Dog-Nabbed will be on sale for only $0.99. And we’re offering a 30% discount on Bad-Mouthed.

So click on the links to the right to find the books at your favorite retailer, and see why readers have fallen in love with Doodle.

Sale ends Sept 26.


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Valentine’s Day Sale

The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers!


Here’s a chance to get Bed-Bugged, the acclaimed first book in the Doodlebugged Mystery series for only $0.99 AND have a shot at winning a $200 gift certificate from The Kindle Book Review is offering four $200 gift certificates in their Valentine’s Day Giveaway.

KBR Valentine Sale

Just CLICK ON THIS LINK, then select any book. We hope you pick Bed-Bugged, of course, but you can pick any title or titles that appeal to you. You don’t have to be limited to one. Follow the instructions to enter the Giveaway.

And, no purchase necessary to enter.



But, for only $0.99,  you can treat yourself or someone you love, or even someone you vaguely like to a laugh-out-loud, charming book that bestselling author Virginia Smith calls “a first-rate mystery” and “a triumphant beginning of a series.”

Less fattening than candy and much cheaper. Think about it: for the less than the price of a box of chocolates, you could buy the whole series (so far.) 

That’s what Doodle would call a win-win situation!

Contest runs Feb 8-22.



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Some Things to Bark About!


Today is National Dog Day! Give your dog a hug, or better yet, a walk,  and treat yourself to the Doodlebugged mysteries, on sale today for only $.99!


Woof! Woof!

Coming soon! BAD-MOUTHED, the fourth Doodlebugged mystery. An unscrupulous journalist, a lonely boy, and a ruthless developer come together in a mix that takes Molly’s ingenuity and Doodle’s nose to sort out.

Be the first to hear when BAD-MOUTHED is released by following this blog using the button on the left.


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Molly and Doodle Return!

Now available in print and in most ebook formats!

Molly and Doodle return for a new adventure that Virginia Smith, the best-selling author of the Falsely Accused series, calls “the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and laugh-out-loud doggy observations.”

DN_1200X800_What’s not to love about a trip the Blue Ridge Mountains? Doodle has a blast—biggest yard ever, plus wild turkeys to chase–while Molly enjoys visiting her grandparents. But then Molly’s good friend, Lizzie, begs for help. Lizzie’s father, under the influence of a self-proclaimed prophet named Zeke, forbids Lizzie to see anyone not approved by Zeke–not Molly, and, worse, not even Lizzie’s desperately ill grandmother. Defying Zeke, Molly and Lizzie meet secretly in the woods where a discovery makes Molly think Zeke’s hiding something. But how can she prove it?

As for Doodle, he loves all these hikes through the woods. Until he and Molly, hot on Zeke’s trail, end up lost—seriously, not his fault—and Doodle discovers that while it’s no fun being lost, it can be even worse to be found—by the wrong person.

 Get Dog-Nabbed Today: Paperback KindleNook, Smashwords

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GroundDOG Day Celebration!

OS FInal2 1600We’re particularly fond of Groundhog Day here at LFP because we have offices on Groundhog Mountain Road. And what better way to celebrate than with the paperback publication of Out-Sniffed, the further adventures of Molly and Doodle?

In addition, we’re offering 50% off of the ebook version of Bed-Bugged,  the first book in the Doodlebugged series. Go to Smashwords and use the coupon XQ87Y to get the book on Kindle, Nook, or in a wide variety of formats.Bed-Bugged

So, Groundhog Day goes to the dogs, or at least to Doodle, our favorite labradoodle.  Which sort of makes it GroundDOG day, doesn’t it?

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Molly and Doodle Return!

LFP proudly announces the ebook publication of Out-Sniffed, the sequel to Bed-Bugged, featuring the further adventures of Molly and Doodle.Bed-Bugged

A Nose for Trouble

A Nose for Trouble

In his second outing, Doodle, that incorrigible but good-hearted labradoodle, still works as a bed bug dog for the boss, Josh Hunter of Hunter Bed Bug Detection.

Doodle likes to keep his relations with humans on a business basis. Do the job, get paid—in his case, with treats. So far so good, except when it comes to Molly, the boss’s ten year-old daughter. Somehow, Doodle wants to please her even when she doesn’t have treats. He can’t explain it, but that’s how it is.

His nose gets put to the test when Molly starts training him to find something very different from bed bugs in order to clear her best friend’s brother from drug charges. But then, during a practice for an important certification trial—one which will get the boss more “big time” jobs—Doodle fails to find two vials containing bed bugs. The boss worries that Molly’s training has ruined Doodle’s ability to do his job. Or that maybe he’s losing his sense of smell.

 It takes all of Molly’s ingenuity and Doodle’s keen intelligence to sniff out the real villains and set things right again.

Available on Kindle and coming soon on Nook and Smashwords.

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Counting Calories

Can a weight loss program be too effective?

Some hungers can never be filled. Now that Jenny knows this—knows it in the worst possible way—she worries about getting enough of a settlement out of Robert to survive. And then he chooses to meet at Mike’s restaurant, El Hombre Gordo. Does he even remember that’s where Jenny spent so much time with Mike, before Robert’s charm and good looks stole her away? Before hungers for love and beauty convinced her to make the two biggest mistakes of her life? She harbors no illusions about starting over again, not with food prices skyrocketing, not with her looking the way she does now, but sometimes, just when you think you know the menu, life serves up surprises.

Susan J. Kroupa offers a provocative look at our national obsession with weight loss and body image. Available now on Kindle, Nook, and in all formats on Smashwords.

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Stories, Stories, Stories!

Laurel Fork Press is proud to announce the publication of two new stories by Susan J. Kroupa

Kem Song

Running a kemfarm is hard work especially during shearing and lambing seasons, but Ana has never yearned for anything more. Until some off-planet developers start buying up all the land in the area. When they visit Ana dressed in their elegant clothes, talking about all the cultural opportunities that life in a richer place can offer, they make Ana feel very small-planet indeed. And there’s nothing small about the money they offer her for the farm. But what about the kem? Her good fortune will lead to their misery. When the answer comes from a surprising source, Ana realizes that some questions stretch across millennia and inspire astonishing works.

First published in Beyond the Last Star: Stories from the Next Beginning,  Susan J. Kroupa’s lyric story engages the reader in a far-future story that resonates soundly with the world we now live in. Now available on Kindle, Nook, and in any format on Smashwords.

The Niman Project


 Honani only wants a fresh start. One free from the evil that has plagued both his people and destroyed his personal life. With the help of an Intergalactic Ethnic Recovery organization, he brings a colony of people to a backwater planet, where he and his people plan to live the traditional Hopi Way. But Honani has forgotten that in the ancient myths, every time the people try to leave evil behind, a witch, carrying evil, steals into the new world.  Soon Honani discovers that his new world also has a witch, a teenage girl, who forces Honani into hard choices and devastating insights.

Award-winning writer Susan J. Kroupa spins a tale steeped in Hopi culture that gives a chill warning to those who, in embracing the past in order to save the future, ignore the dark visions in favor of the light.

The Niman Project

 …”Kroupa present Hopi lore so gracefully, with such simplicity, that the reader is drawn into the story and the lives of her characters without effort.”From a review of Susan J. Kroupa’s “Scapegoat.” by Nancy Varian Berberick, Tangent, Winter 1996.

Now available on Kindle, Nook, and in any format on Smashwords.

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