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Doodle Does Christmas

Bad-Mouthed Final Front Flat InsertWho knew chasing a rat in the middle of a Christmas pageant could cause so much trouble? Certainly not Doodle, the obedience-impaired labradoodle who works for the “boss,” Josh Hunter of Hunter Bed Bug Detection, nor Molly, the boss’s ten-year-old daughter. But then Doodle is the first to admit he doesn’t quite get Christmas.

Doodle’s antics during the pageant draw the attention of a popular video-blogger, who asks to do a feature on his sniffer-dog skills. But when the blog airs, pretty much the opposite of what Molly and the boss expected, the boss’s phone rings off the hook with distraught customers who think Doodle’s bed bug “finds” can’t be trusted.  Molly, searching for a way to set things right, befriends the blogger’s son, a boy alienated from his mother who wants only to go live with his father.

Throw in a handful of threatening letters, some lost dogs, and a devastating fire, and Molly and Doodle have their hands—well, in Doodle’s case, his paws—full finding out just who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

A charming cozy for all seasons and for dog lovers of all ages.

Available now on Amazon ◊ Barnes & Noble ◊ iTunes ◊ Kobo

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Spring Forward Sale

Okay, so there’s still snow on the ground here on the Blue Ridge, and the winds make the chilly temps seem even colder.  Good weather to stay indoors and read a good book, and it just so happens we can help you out with that!

We’re offering a Spring Forward Sale with huge reductions in price on most of our ebooks, including our Doodlebugged Mysteries. For a limited time, you can buy  Bed-Bugged, the first in the series, for only $0.99. Get Out-Sniffed, the second book, which was a finalist in the Dog Writers Association of America writing competition, for only $2.99.  And Dog-Nabbed, just out last month and set here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is only $3.99.

These prices will melt away like the late spring snows, so act quickly to get your copies.


BED-BUGGEDBed-Bugged“. . . delightful, briskly paced, with appealing characters, especially Doodle. Kroupa’s knowledge of, and love for, dogs shines through every scene.” –Sherwood Smith, Goodreads  AmazonBarnes & Noble ◊ Kobo  iTunes




OUT-SNIFFED: “. .warmhearted and funny but never superficial. . . I haven’t met a fictional character in a long time that I enjoyed melding my mind with as much as Doodle.“—Mary Jo Rabe, Amazon.com

AmazonBarnes & Noble ◊ Kobo ◊ iTunes



DN_800X533_ DOG-NABBED: “. . . the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and laugh-out-loud doggy observations. Completely delightful from beginning to end.” –Virginia Smith, best-selling author of the Falsely Accused Series. Amazon Barnes & NobleKobo iTunes

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