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Double-Duty Doodle

When is a middlegrade mystery also a gentle cozy mystery, perfect for dog lovers of all ages?

When it features the sometimes sly, often hilarious narration of Doodle, the obedience-impaired labradoodle and his adventures with ten-year-old Molly.

Not sure what we mean? See what Amazon.com readers recently have said about the books:

Eric GB gives 5 stars to Bad-Mouthed, the fourth book in the series, and writes:Bad-Mouthed

“A great mystery written from a dog’s view. You would think a story like this would come across as simple, with a superficial writing style meant just for kids. NOT AT ALL! This story is so well written, that would be easily read by younger readers, but entertaining for adults as well. This is the second book that I have read in the series and I am sure that I will read them all after finding this one just as good as the first. This book is perfect for dog lovers of any age, and those looking for elements of mystery. A warning to readers: plan on reading this book all at once because you will not be able to put it down once you start! Great story, funny angles from the dog’s view, well written, and easy to read. Just a really good book.”

GrammarKat calls the first book, Bed-Bugged, “A dog lover’s delight,” and writes in her 5-star review:Bed-Bugged, “There is enough adventure and excitement here for even a die hard suspense fan.”

And Piratesorka writes about Bed-Bugged, “Fun read through a dog’s perspective! Don’t expect this book to be a “cutesy doggie” story instead you will get a well written, engaging story told through the eyes of the dog, with the dogs interests at heart not the humans.”


Suspense author Susan Holmes says her review of Out-Sniffed, “I’m a Doodle fan! A lively, engaging read with great characters and a solid story line. Molly is clever, quick-witted, and passionate about helping others, and Doodle is quite possibly the most entertaining narrator I’ve found in quite some time.”

Mary Jo Rabe posts that, “Out-Sniffed,” the marvelous successor to Susan J. Kroupa’s “Bed-Bugged”, is warmhearted and funny but never superficial . . .So, I recommend this book highly to anyone who is aged 9-12, who knows someone aged 9-12, who likes dogs, or who might enjoy spending some time in the mind of a brilliant labradoodle who remains tolerant of human foibles.”DN_800X533_

“It’s real life, with drama and a ton of humor that will keep you laughing,” writes Linda Elliott about Dog-Nabbed, the third book of the series, “I believe, I will be reading this to my great grand daughter in a few years, it’s that good.”

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