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The Reviews Are In!

Somehow she knows the secret of fabricating tears from mere words”– Gerald Weinberg
The reviews of the three Christmas stories offered by Susan J. Kroupa have been overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few samples:


Walter’s Christmas-Night Musik

was chosen by Kristine Kathryn Rusch for her December 2010 Recommended Reading List, calling it “A wonderful story about Christmas Night Visitors. Unlike the previous Christmas night visitor stories you’ve read, these visitors are a surprise.  I’d like to be visited by these folks. I found myself thinking about this story long after I finished reading it.”

Another reader wrote, “This story is full of Christmas wonder and leaves you with a warm holiday feeling.”

 Gabriel & Mr. Death

has struck a chord with dog lovers. One reviewer wrote “Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? In “Gabriel & Mr. Death,” author Susan Kroupa tells a sweet story from the point of view of Gabriel, a black-and-tan hound dog. Gabriel’s voice is clear, his understanding (and lack thereof) of his human family’s situation charming. And when Gabriel finds himself trying to protect his owner from a threat she doesn’t see — Mr. Death — you’d better have the tissues handy, or you won’t be able to read through your tears to find out what happens!
A wonderful story for any season. “

Courtesy Call

And about this story of whimsy and romance on Christmas Eve, one reviewer said,  “It was the perfect story for me, and would have been even in mid-summer. Ms. Kroupa is just the kind of magical storyteller who can thaw the coldest hearts without a heater or fan.”

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Stories for the Season

Laurel Fork Press launches its new line with three Christmas stories by award-winning author Susan J. Kroupa.

A hound with an unusual gift, an over-burdened widower with a passion for classical music, and a lonely telemarketer each find a bit of magic on Christmas Eve. 

Don’t have an ebook reader?  No problem! You can read all of these books online at Smashwords (choose the HTML view), download the free Kindle for PC, or the free Nook for PC.


Gabriel & Mr. Death

She saved Gabriel’s life. Now he must take on Mr. Death to save hers.

Gabriel is a coon hound with an unusual gift: he can see Mr. Death. He doesn’t think too hard on it until one Christmas Eve when Mr. Death comes for the person Gabriel loves most. He can’t let that happen. No sir. No way. No matter what a poor hound has to do.

A touching story about a dog’s love and loyalty and the healing power of family.

 Available on Kindle, Nook, and in a wide variety of formats on Smashwords. 



Walter’s Christmas-Night Musik

A little magic, a little Mozart, a big miracle on Christmas Eve. . .

 Nothing has gone right for Walter Gunther since his wife died. He had to sell his music store to pay her medical bills and take a job at Disks Galore, a big box music store. His manager bullies him and knows nothing about classical music, Walter’s lifelong passion. But when Walter is forced to work late on Christmas Eve, he receives a musical gift beyond his wildest imaginings. 

Originally published in the December 1997 issue of Realms of Fantasy, “Walter’s Christmas-Night Musik” was hailed for its “affectionate music expertise and good-natured charm” by Locus reviewer Mark Kelly, who also called it the best story of that issue.

Available on Kindle, Nook, and in a wide variety of formats on Smashwords.


Courtesy Call

 A once in a lifetime offer. . .

Peter doesn’t mind his job as a telemarketer for LockTite Security Systems. Not since Ann left, anyway. At least it fills his days. And he’s good at it. Find the need and fill it–that’s his secret to success. He works hard to keep his world and his heart as safe as a LockTite system. But when he starts getting sales calls from a mysterious woman offering him a “one-time gift of the Christmas spirit,” nothing is safe anymore, especially his heart.

Available on KindleNook, and in a wide variety of formats on Smashwords.

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